At some point in their life, many people will be told by their dentist that they have gum recession. Gum recession happens when the tissue that surrounds the tooth pulls away from the tooth. Gum recession often results in root sensitivity to hot and cold foods as well as an unsightly appearance of the gum and tooth. Gum recession can lead to root caries, root wear, bone loss and even tooth loss.

Many people do not even realize their gums have receded. This is because it can happen so slowly. The best way to repair the damage and to prevent any further dental issues is to have soft tissue grafting. A gum graft will protect your teeth from any damaging effects of gum recession and will help improve the appearance of your smile.

A gum or gingival graft is designed to solve these problems. A thin piece of tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth or gently moved over from adjacent areas to provide a stable band of attached gingiva around the tooth. Alternatively, donor or other types of collagen may be used.

The gingival graft procedure is highly predictable and results in a stable, healthy band of attached tissue around the tooth.

Our entire staff is dedicated to assisting you have a healthy and beautiful smile. We understand the potential issues gum recession can cause and will do everything that we can to help you get your oral health back on track. We are always available to answer any questions that you have before, during, or after your appointment.
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